Hiromitsu Nishizaki
Assistant Professor, Ph.D in Engineering
at the Graduate School of Interdisciplinary Research, Faculty of Engineering,
University of Yamanashi

Nationality: Japanese

Birthday: 11th/Sep./1975

Birthplace: Sayo-town, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan

Research interenst

Spoken Language Processing

1997 - Present

I am very interested in Spoken Language Processing (SLP). When I was senior student, I joined a laboratory for graduation work. The lab. is "SLP Lab." at Toyohashi University of Technology (TUT), it is very famous lab. known as SLP research. The supervisor was Prof. Seiichi Nakagawa. I started a research on language modeling for automatic speech recognition (ASR). That is the beginning of my SLP research life.

Spoken Document Processing

1999 - Present

When I was a master's course student, I changed the research topic to spoken document processing, in particuar "spoken document retrieval" (SDR). And, in 2006, I started a study on spoken term detection (STD). My original idea for spoken document processing is to use multiple ASR systems. This is one of strong techniques for improving SDR and STD performances.

Speech User-Interface

2008 - Present

I have a new speech interface named "Kikimimi Interface." "Kikimimi" is a Japanese word which means listening intently to a human-human conversation or a human's talk. Kikimimi interface catches keywords in a conversation or a talk and these keywords are useful for humans. I have developed the medical treatment booking system with Kikimimi inteface and the electronic note taking support system with Kikimimi interace.

SLP in Education

2011 - Present

I started on note taking support using tablet devices. First of all, I developed the note-taking support system with Kikimimi interface. Now, I and my research collaborators developed new speech and language processing technologies for installing to the note-taking system.


Work experience

Visiting Scholar at National Taiwan University

Aug/2015 - Mar/2016

I was a visting scholar and stayed at the speech-processing laboratory (instructors were Prof. Lin-shan Lee and Prof. Hung-yi Lee) of National Taiwan Unversity in R.O.C.

Assistant Professor at University of Yamanashi

2003 - Present

I got the first job as an assistant professor at University of Yamanashi in 2003. I belonged to the Prof. Sekiguchi's Laboratory and took up studies on spoken language processing. Prof. Sekiguch retired on Mar./2014, and I took over him laboratory. I have published 20 journal papers (written in English or Japanese) and 30 international conference/workshop papers in the researcher's life. And I have recieved some research grants  from the Japanese national goverment.

The paper list is available here, but the list is written in Japanese. I am so sorry.


Tsuyama National Collage of Technology

1991 - 1996

After I graduated a junior high school, I enrolled in Department of Computer and Information Engineering at Tsuyama National Collage of Technology. A guraduation research is an analysis of UNIX operating system (targetting FreeBSD).

Toyohashi University of Technology

1996 - 2003

I transfered to the third-grade faculty of engineering at Toyohashi Univerisity of Technology in 1996. I studied more knowledges on computer and infromation sciences. I received B.E. and M.E. degrees from TUT in 1998 and 2000, respectively. And I went up the doctor course at TUT, and finally I received Ph.D in Engineering from TUT in 2003. The main topic of my doctor's research was spoken document retrieval.


Development Skills